Thank you and warm Greetings ! YetRay solves a genuine personal problem. Books are food for the mind and time and money should not come in the way of your personal growth. As college students, when we had the time to read books, we did not have the money to buy them. We may now have the money but do not have time. Moreover, books we buy end up unread/half read. Either way money gets wasted.

When the unread books grow, we rethink twice before buying any new book. When someone asks you lessons from the books you have read , it gets hard to recall, umm.. ahmm, perhaps retaining has become a huge issue .

We realized that authors of non fiction books have 3-4 core ideas in their mind & rest in the book is an elegant case for it.

We may get more from a book if we attempt to enter the author’s mind and get those 3-4 core ideas.

I thought I should try …

We intend to do #3 things

  1. Help you read more and retain more.
  2. Save your time and money in doing so.
  3. Build a school with the money we receive. (Our purpose is human capital development, we do for children, youth and you ! It is our lives’ work. Its the only thing we do.

Yet & Ray are powerful words for hope and continuous improvement.

Whatever money comes our way will go to build a unique dream school, which prepares students for the new AI age.

Your daily learning + Micro donations= Sweet Home School  

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