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American TV personality gives 2 book recommendations

“To The White Sea” by JamesDickey

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Fans of Deliverance will be pleased that this follow-up work, per the Independent, has an even greater emphasis on overcoming the primal savagery – of humans. Muldrow the American tailgunner gets shot down over Japan, grabs a compass and a kitchen knife, and starts moving northward. If Jack London let slip quite a few hints on survival in difficult conditions, Dickey expands on these themes, from making camouflage and flint fires to killing a rabbit – or an enemy insurgent. There is a POW escape, there’s life philosophy from Zen monks – in short, the Coen brothers were on to a good idea when they tried to turn the book into a film.

“Cutting for Stone” by AbrahamVerghese

“Cutting for Stone” is beautifully written and an excellent summer read.”

Matha Stewart on her personal web-site

Since Verghese had a praying mother and worked in the medical field for much of his life, it makes sense that the two principal characters of ‘Cutting for Stone’ include a hard-working nun from India and a bold British surgeon. The cross-cultural currents of India and Britain produce two twins fascinated by medicine, and the story jockeys between the Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, to New York City in the United States. Ownership and slippers, and the long-term meaning of charitable works, are encapsulated by this novel that explores the meaning of life and love and home.

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