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George Bush recommends some fiction and historical books which helped him most when he was a president. Here is his book list.

“The Case ForDemocracy” by Natan Sharansky

– from article on Time

Whether you’re looking for a political treatise, a polemic against Communism, or a personal fighting manifesto, Sharansky and Dermer have it all. Sharansky is especially strong against societies who promote fear instead of freedom of speech, and has lived out his convictions as an outspoken ex-member of the now-defunct USSR. The social ramifications of leaders caught between the believers and the skilled double-talkers are explored, from the East to the West to Israel. Sharansky has served in Israel’s political circles for many years. According to the New York Times, his book was a necessary addition to the reading lists of White House leaders, including Condoleezza Rice and former President George W. Bush.

“April 1865: The MonthThat Saved America by Jay Winik

– from article on Time

After the horrors of Atlanta and Gettysburg, Winik argues that the continued unity of the states in the North and South had more to do with April 1865 than any other month. The respect shown between generals Lee and Grant had much to do with the state of the Union (and its salvation from decades of bushwhacking guerrilla warfare), as well as President Lincoln’s assassination. However, some uncommon details, such as the March 1865 policy allowing former slaves to win their freedom in battle, will make this work a welcome addition to anyone’s history book list, from George W. Bush to BrotherRogers.

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