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“Colonel Roosevelt”by Edmund Morris

– Don Graham’s answer on Quora

While fans of former President Theodore Roosevelt may be intrigued by works such as a Strenuous Life, these may be too short to really satisfy the need to know details about Roosevelt’s accomplishments and interests. Like William Manchester’s three-volume work on Winston Churchill, Morris has gone into eye-opening detail about Roosevelt’s early life, influences, and political prowess. It may startle some readers to know thatRoosevelt wrote over 100,000 letters per year, went on his famous African safari, and also promoted Woodrow Wilson into power over Taft. Political and legal readers may want to add this to their book lists, just on the strength of the libel suit details.

  “Lord of Misrule” by Jaimy Gordon

– Don Graham’s answer on Quora

Dick Francis has a dark horse competitor in the fictional world of horse racing. While the New York Times seemed to dismiss Gordon’s achievement as a winner in the 2010 National Book Awards, perhaps because the story centers around the small but complex doings of claims races and ill-paid grooms. The humans and the horses alike have exotic names and characters, fromMedicine Ed the philosophical groom to racers Mahdi and the Lord of Misrule.Business students searching for fictional additions to their reading lists can’t go wrong here. The compelling descriptions of human behavior and crooked attempts at profiteering read like any Wall Street expose.

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