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Smarter Summary

Smarter is one “slow learner” turned A student’s experimental account of improving his intelligence by 16% through various tests, lessons and exercises and explains how you can increase your intelligence in scientifically proven ways.I love a good prove-them-wrong story. As a kid, Dan Hur...
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Rookie Smarts Summary

Rookie Smarts argues against experience and for a mindset of learning in the modern workplace, due to knowledge growing and changing fast, which gives rookies a competitive advantage, as they’re not bound by common practices and the status quo.Liz Wiseman runs a leadership research and develo...
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Get Smart Summary

Get Smart reveals how you can access more of your brain’s power through simple, actionable brain training techniques that’ll spark your creativity, make you look for the positive and help you achieve your goals faster.If you’ve ever been told to “eat a frog” when faced with an unpleas...
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