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The German Chancellor and influential politician on books that have been most important in her life

 The Bible

During the Q&A with the students at Trinity College Dublin Angela Merkel said that the Bible has influenced her life the most

Also recommended by Neil DeGrasse Tyson

“Faust” by Goethe

– Angela Merkel in The Wall Street Journal

Also recommended by Nikola Tesla

Much learning has driven Faust mad – mad with the desire to discover the meaning of life. He wants to perceive order without the aid of outside or divine forces, and so he goes beyond prescribed limits to gain an understanding that is not his to obtain. From dabbling in magic to making an unwise pact with the cunning and diabolical Mephistopheles, this ‘everyman’ or Ecclesiastes-like poem could describe the lengths to which any human being will go to understand the trajectory of history and their place in both this world and the next.

                  “The Brothers Karamazov” by Dostoevsky

During the Q&A with the students at Trinity College Dublin Angela Merkel named books by Dostoyevsky among her favorite ones

Also recommended by Albert Einstein, Vladimir Putin, mentioned in 5 Good Books To Read According To Haruki Murakami

This is of the best allegorical novels to explain the fractured nature of 19th century Russia. Each character is representative of one of the ruling classes. There is the father Fyodor, the landowner who is negligent about his land, but greedy in using its produce for himself. There’s Dmitri, who has been passed around from house to house, and has grown up an entitled but debt-ridden soul. There’s the skeptic Ivan, who wishes to live more among cold concepts than people. Third is gentle Alyosha, the mystic and religious peacemaker, and the illegitimate Smerdyakov. Throughout are themes of love, law, and duty, which makes this one of the best Dostoyesky books to read besides Crime and Punishment.

“Madame Curie: A Biography” byEve Curie

During the Q&A with the students at Trinity College Dublin Angela Merkel said that, when she was child, she loved to read about Marie Curie

This remarkable 20th Century scientist’s story is told by her daughter, who has gained her own level of fame as an international activist. Madame Curie of Poland became famous for her work in radiation, which eventually led to her death after she received two Nobel Prizes. Even more fascinating was her marriage to her French husband Pierre, with whom she worked and made discoveries about Polonium and Radium as a cancer cure. It’s inspiring to know that a couple could be devoted to each other and their cause without giving in to financial obsession.

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